Monday, September 18, 2006

Finally, Someone Asked George Allen...

Howling Latina just read that Peggy Fox of WUSA-Channel 9 finally asked the seminal question she'd submitted to Tim Russert of "Meet the Press" with the hopes that he'd ask the junior senator on national television.

HT wanted to ask:

"Senator, in an article at The New Republic, Ryan Lizza writes that he interviewed Bob Gibson with Charlottesville's Daily Progress and Mr. Gibson told him that the 'only time [you] ever wanted a correction from [Gibson] in 27 years of covering [your] races was when [he] wrote about [your] mother's Jewish family origins.'"

"Was your grandfather, the man your middle name Felix honors, Jewish? And if so, why would you ask Mr. Gibson to correct the record?"
Heads-up via Huffington Post; go check it out. Allen totally "freaks out." Poor George, his campaign to keep his Senate seat is imploding.

By the way, thank you, Peggy Fox.

I mean who knew...that George Felix "Macaca-Bubba-Goober" Allen was Jewish?!?

Imagine that!

Howling Latina supposes that's exactly the point; and why Allen went ballistic when Fox asked about his grandfather's Jewish heritage.

You see, Allen had worked hard -- very hard -- to project a good ol' boy Southern persona. Now the news is all over Virginia.

Tomorrow, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post writes a column about the debate and Allen's disproportionate and knee jerk response to the question inside the fold.

Allen knows the drill; once a reporter asks a question, it's Katy-bar-the door and a free for all; the jig is up.

Everyone who reads a newspaper will now find out that the guy who had a noose in his office with Confederate flags all around, yes the very same guy who wears cowboy boots, rides a horse named Bubba during a parade and chews tobacco, alas, has more in common with John Kerry than any Conferate soldier; he's both French and Jewish.


George, looks like you're having a bad September equal to your bad August.

Not quite about Geroge Allen not having anything in common 'with any Confederate soldier'. Apparantly, the largest Jewish military cemetery outside of Israel is in Richmond Virgina, as many Jewish soldiers from the Richmond area fought for the Confederacy. During the Peninsula Campaign in 1862 there were high numbers of Confederate Virginian Jewish casulaties. Judah p. Benjamin as the Jewish Confederate Secretary of War and later Confederate Secreatry of State, also of Sefardic Jewish ancestry, was particularly aware of the sacrifice his co-religionists from the Richmond area were making. Their ancestry was Sefardic Jewish, allegedly like Alllen's mother's family being Sefardic Jewish. So George Allen has actually more in common with Confederate soldiers by his Sefardic Jewish connection than he has ever realized. These pictures of him in Confederate uniform may very well be actually closer to the truth in terms of shared ethnic identity with the Sefardic Jewish community of antebellium Richmond !
Geoege Allen posing in Confederate uniform is actually not far from the mark in terms of his mother's ethnic background. Many sefardic Jews fought for the Confederacy during the War Between the States, especially from Virginia. And Judah P. Benjamin, of Sephardic Jewish ancestry originally from South Carolina, was the brilliant Confederate Secretary of war and then Secretary of State for the Confederacy. He gave Lincoln a very difficult time as the latter appreciated Benjamin's brilliance.
The next time Allen poses before a camera in a Confederate uniform perhaps he can present with his uniform the two sets of utensils, kosher and non-kosher, that some of his Sefardi Jewish co-ethnics carried with them on their military campaigns in defense of the South
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