Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More Damning Proof

In yet another article about Sen. George Allen's racist whoremongering ways, James Boyce of the Huffington Post highlights in an article the seedy past of one of Allen's foot soldiers who obviously comes from the same venemous branch of the poisonous tree in the garden of evil.

The article begins with a rhetorical question: "[W]hy [would] Paul Galanti, a decorated Vietnam veteran [want to] campaign for George Allen, who served at a dude ranch against fellow veteran Jim Webb, who actually served in Vietnam."

Boyce then answers his own question by telling readers that Galanti, "the man hand-picked by Allen to head his Vets for George group," has a bit of a jaundiced view of women and is a sexist to boot.

Remember the Tailhook scandal where innoncent women were sexually attacked? According to a woman who used to work for Mr. Galanti, he blamed it on " the promiscuous nature of the women involved." How so very 1955.

Perhaps Mr. Galanti's blaming-the-women strategy was a one time remark? Evidently not. A former assistant to Mr Galanti has also reported "I understand from talking with others that there was at least one suit settled out of court."

But here's the best news. Evidently some reporters at The Washington Post have dug into Galanti's past over the last few years...
Hmmm, this is becoming really scary. Like an oracle, Howling Latina wrote in the wee-hours this morning that she strongly suspected the Washington Post was working on a couple major Allen stories; and the prospect wasn't good news for the goober.

Sure enough, Boyce goes on to note that "some reporters at The Washington Post have dug into Galanti's past over the last few years" and then asks if "with Galanti front and center in a top Senate race," the Post might find it in their corporate's little heart interest to "share their findings with the rest of us."

During this election cycle, dollars to a greasy donut major media holds back nothing and publishes all -- the good, the bad and the ugly. No more lame national security holds on NSA-like stories.

HL thinks this business about journalist being subpoenaed and Big Brother listening to private phone conversations have spooked more than a few media fat cats. They don't want some government agency spying on their phone calls and learning of their sources.


The press has been giving Republicans a pass for years. It became very noticeable with the way they treated Bush with kid gloves while eviscerating Al Gore in 2000.

It didn't take 9/11, terrorism theats, Big Brother and domestic surveillance to shut them up.

I honestly believe blogging would not have caught on this fast and this much if it weren't for huge dissatisfaction with a hopelessly corrupt modern press.
Clearly, Allen's true colors--or lack thereof--are coming out. This is all unfolding quite nicely.

Keep it up, HL!
You don't have to explain anymore why you were wiretapping so, and so.

Yeah send Allen packing back to California.

He would be more at home considering what is occuring. I bring it up only cause things that happen there tend to work their way east.
Besides people in New Zealand seem better informed than us.
You are a certified idiot.

You have now bashed Paul Galanti, which will send your blog into a death spiral.

A quick search on Paul Galanti, and you find that the brave POW from the Vietnam war worked with John Mc clain during his bid for president. PG was upset how McClain history as a fellow POW was use agains't him. Then does the same thing as a member of the Swift boaters against a fellow Vietnam vet. So now he join Allen team to trash Jim Webb also a Vietnam Vet.

Also from the Huffington Post.

Did Paul Galanti Sell His Medals?
It is also funny that McCain has also join the Vets for Allen after what he went through.

Bad Time For Monkey Jokes
You're attacking an Allen SUPPORTER for comments he made about Tailhook?

When Allen's OPPONENT made similar comments about Tailhook, and women in the military?

I'm all for forgiving people for stuff they said 20-30 years ago, but to forgive your own candidate and then attack his opponent's supporters for the same thing is a bit, say, hypocritical.
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