Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No Macaca Excuses, George

Incredible is the only way to describe the story by The Nation on Sen. George Allen's long and disgraceful career as a racist.

Contrary to what some Republican bloggers want folks to think, there is no context to bigotry. NONE!

For a very long time, Allen has been using color coded language to allow plausible deniability for what every bigot knows and understands are his "real" sentiments.

His "real" America and his "real" Virginia do not include people of color. It's that simple; and he was outed by the camera for everyone to see.

It's going to get worst and "worster."

Howling Latina has a very strong suspicion that a few of the good folks at the Washington Post are planning their own little October surprise for the junior senator, especially with all the ammunition from progressives.

Oh, that's right; the mean media is whacking George but good; as he deserves; wah, wah, WAH.

Virginians don't need some phony cowboy with tobacco chew for brains and a Jim Crow heart to represent them. We're much better than that.

Guys, all the guns in the rack are being loaded; the man is what is and can't help it. Just pick the one you like and FIRE AWAY.

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