Saturday, July 29, 2006

Jimmy McCain is Good News for Jim Webb

The news that Jimmie McCain joined the Marines is good news for Jim Webb; it brings to the forefront the huge difference between Chickenhawks and real fighting men.

Jimmie is the son of ’08 Republican presidential front-runner Sen. John McCain, another war hero.

As Howling Latina has previously noted, George Allen is a spineless cheerleader who never served a day in the military; sure, McCain supports the Iraqi war efforts, but at least McCain served his country and backs up his words with a son following his military footsteps with "birdie and ball."

Meanwhile, back at the dude ranch of virtual reality, Allen applauds the president's policy. Reminds HL of an old Spanish proverb, "The tongue moves easily 'cause it has no bone."

In other words, it's easy to echo stay the course meme as long as the brave men and women dying in a war are not related to you.

With Jimmie signing up, the spotlight will be on politicians who have family members in harm's way; and this includes Jim Webb.

And it will be interesting to see if McCain continues to support Bush's disastrous war policies that have killed 2,574 and cost billions and billions of dollars; it sure would be nice to have him join Webb and say, "NO, let's change course!"

A change of course might avert losing a son; and stave the affliction of contributing to his death and the death of thousands of other sons and daughters -- like poor Adm. Elmo Zumwalt Jr., in Vietnam -- to his heartbreak.

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