Saturday, July 29, 2006

McCain's Son Joins Marines

The New York Times reports today that Sen. John McCain's youngest son, 18-year old Jimmy McCain "will spend three months in boot camp in California this autumn and another month in specialized training."

Well, that's what you call putting it on the LINE!

Depending on his unit, the younger McCain could eventually wind up in Iraq where Marines have experienced heavy fighting, Time reported. Marines are also in combat in Afghanistan.

``I'm obviously very proud of my son,'' McCain told Time, ''but also understandably a little nervous.''

Welcome to the real world; where the death toll in Iraq is 2,574, "including four Marines killed on Thursday."

Now let's see all, or even some of those Chickenhawks enlist or ask their sons and daughters to do so. Oh yea, and that especially includes the neocons with diarrhea of the spine.

I think I am more likely to trust a politician, especially a Republican, if their child is on the ground in the military.
I totally agree with you:)
McCain son´s should be sent to the war in Iraq.
Well, it is better for the country if the political elites have their children serve the same as the Middle classes-I liked Bill Clinton a lot but he and and a lot of his Administration had NO military experience-you can say what you want about Bush but he did complete fighter pilot school-that plane doesn't know who is flying it
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