Thursday, June 15, 2006

No Whiz Kids On The Block

First a conservative idiot says that Jim Webb's medals mean nothing in the Senate race; and to prove his point he refers to Ollie North's loss to Chuck Robb in 1994.

Now another conservative fool claims that Webb must take a stance or be labeled a flip flopper.

First of all, how can Webb be a flip flopper on issues he's never taken position on?!? Hmm, don't you first have to take a stance?!?

Oh, it must kill the wingnuts that Jim Webb is as pure as a virgin when it comes to immigration and gay marriage, their wedge issues du jour for the campaign season.

But oh, that's right, Webb switched parties; you know, like Republican hero Ronald Reagan.

Well, Whizbang Politics, you ain't no whiz.

Yes, remind your readers how Jesse Helms was able to "run against "popular NC governor Jim Hunt" and how "Jesse's strength was that you didn't always agree with him, but you always knew where he stood."

But Whiz, I saw enough of Jesse Helms to consider him no friend of mine; and HL hates to break it to you, but George Felix Allen ain't no Jesse Helms.

He's a one-term senator, former one-term governor, one-term state delegate and one-term congressman.

In other words, Allen ain't no institution in the commonwealth; and he sure as hell ain't no war hero; just a racist chickenhawk!

And finally, Jim Hunt had no national foreign policy experience, either.

That's right, loyal GOPers, keep comparing apples to oranges and watch your would-be president lose to Webb in November.

Open letter to Jim Webb -

As if you needed more advice, and certainly not my advice, I’m going to add my two cents worth anyway – DON’T LET ALLEN GET AHEAD OF YOU ON ANY ISSUE.

And my other bullet pointed advice:

• Don’t waver on your civil rights views; be candid and sincere and not waffling or apologetic. Virginians are smart enough to recognize the real item.

• Br clear about your immigration policy. Virginians can appreciate your conclusions when succinctly and rationally defended.

• Challenge Allen to debate often and constantly and as publicly as possible.

• Don’t lose momentum, keep fighting, expand your audiences - as those who have a chance to experience your common sense, pragmatic, intelligent, modulated presentation and response, will begin to weigh their ballot choice.

• Have and publish and promote your approach, your position, and your suggested solutions for the main issues facing the electorate.

• Have fast and overwhelming response to negative and anticipatable attacks and personal attacks from the Allen team (they don’t fight fair; they fight to win and aren’t above doing whatever it takes to win) – do not engage in negative attacks, but merely suggest or contrast differences in policy - and suggest that Virginia deserves better - and that the solutions require better.

• Constantly look for ways to leverage your visibility and favor with the broad moderate middle class voters.

• Keep your focus on the clear communication of your core three principles you so well explained at your recent appearance at the Chesterfield County Democratic Committee meeting – and retain your refreshing candor - remain true to your best values.

• It's important that those who vote NO to the marriage amendment vote YES to Jim Webb; and that those who vote YES for Jim Webb vote NO to the marriage amendment.

• Get John Edwards or Barack Obama or Joe Biden, or others of their character and public policy stance, to campaign with you.

• Have the best, creative, democratic, productive, and accessible campaign team that your supporters can build

• Recognize and mention that this is a not just a key race for Virginia. But this is a nationally spotlighted contest - between our currently polarized and unproducing Congress, and the need for common sense, pragmatic, intelligently thought out solutions for major threats facing all Americans. This is about both holding the Republicans accountable, and offering a better alternative. It is about a united moderate center governing rather than two opposing poles in intractable procrastination. And that Virginia is more properly seen as purple - and that we will help turn this great nation towards a more hopeful future - and coincidentally trip up Allen on his mind-boggling aspiration to actually take the helm of this nation in 2008 (I’m already checking for the life boats).

Oh . . . and KEEP FIGHTING !!!


Bill Garnett
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