Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Disgraceful Comment on Crawfordlist

Looks like some clown has decided to spew some hateful venom down Virginia's way.

In a post on Craiglist, some guy/gal who posts by the name of Fritz is warning Virginia that it's going to be real hard for Jim Webb, the Democratic Senate candidate, to beat George Allen, war hero credentials notwithstanding.

You see, war metals didn't help poor Ollie North in his race against former Sen. Chuck Robb in 1994; and moreover, Allen ain't no Jew.

Now why Craig Crawford allows this idiot to post on his blog and doesn't delete this hugely offensive remark is beyond Howling Latina's comprehension.

But when thinking of North, guess the shame and disgrace of the loss for the would-be felon had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Sen. John Warner refused to endorse him; and with good reason.

Or the fact that had Congress not foolishly allowed North to testify about Irangate with full amnesty, good ol' Ollie would have done some hard time in the clink.

Your family was not killed by Left Wing Central American Communists I take it???
Actually the only killing I might've suffered is if the US had supported the ground troops during the Bay of Pigs by air.

I was a little kid, and can recall three planes flying over our house that was a mere three blocks from the beach.
Oliver North played a crucial role in maintaining Free versus Communist Governments in Central Amreica.

Would you prefer a communist regime in El Salvador and Nicaragua today?
Jim Webb beat the crap out of Oliver North in a boxing match. Look it up.
Oliver North was a loose cannon who did serious damage to both our country's credibility and that of the Reagan Administration. He should be forever grateful to the showboating Congressmen who granted him full immunity so they could get their national TV time. Without them, North would have done time.
Of course, removing the Communist threat did nothing to protect the people of Central America from right-wing Death Squads:'s_track_record_in_Central_America

What I found outrageous about the quote mimi cites here is the obvious anti-Semitism implied by the source. Sickening.
Señorita Howling Latina.

I've followed your post on Crawfordslist yesterday to here to say hello and hope you'll stop by often to share your unique views.

Yes, F boy and another F boy, who we call the F Troop, are foul and sometimes hostile, although the latter is very civil. Craig allows F boy his venom (and I'm not speaking for Craig as he can speak for himself) because he represents a completely different point of view, unfortunately shared by too many other people in and out of the blogosphere. Thus, us regulars are subjected to wake up calls constantly. Craig probably wouldn't shut down his comments, although he has scolded F boy for his flagrant abusive words and ideas from time to time. But, as Voltaire said, "I may not agree with you but I will defend with my life your right to say it." It's called the first amendment.

The following is what I posted over there last night.

Sable is right, the people here are very amiable. I read your blogspot and found it to be most interesting. I'm sure your insights will be appreciated. Check out some of the other stuff here on Crawford's List, as there is music, videos, group portraits, lists on favorite stuff, as well as early releases of Craig's articles in Congressional Quarterly. In other words, a lot of good stuff to keep you entertained constantly.

If you want to see a more or less complete list of CL regulars and their blogspots, check the links at my page.

Bienvenida, HL.

Yo soy Estevan
Left Wing "Death Squads" did not exist? I put forward, and history bears out, Communist regimes contain state sponsored "Death Squads"..

Maybe, we should examine the blogosphere in say, Cuba, China, North Korea...
Hola Howling Latina: I also followed eprof2 over from Crawfordslist. The people that are regulars are for the most part pretty progressive. I enjoyed seeing your comments on Craig's blog. Come and add your voice to the discussion over there. It is a welcome voice.

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