Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hooknose and Smear --All You Need To Know

Aya ya ya, Spanish for give me a break!

The buzz about the hooknose Miller flyer is shamelessly making its way across the blogosphere.

Straight out of the Rove playbook, Harris Miller has tried to switch the subject only days before election.

Especially since nearly every Senate leader is endorsing his opponent in the Democratic primary.

Yes, Miller and his minions tried to shop the "Webb is a Jewbaiter" story all week long; but don't take Howling Latina's word for it, read what Marc Fisher of the Washington Post has to say on the subject.

And when you're done reading that, see what the progressive Virginia blogosphere thinks about Miller's phony fury; and then what a national blogger thinks of folks who write about the hooknose story without presenting all the facts.

Finally, HL will leave you with a quote from national political analyst Larry Sabato of UVA.
"I think that's a real stretch to call that anti-Semitic, and I'm not usually inclined to give candidates the benefit of the doubt," Sabato

I am Jewish and it appalls me that Harris Miller is calling that flier anti-Semitic. It degrades and belittles everyone, myslef included, who has been a victim real anti-Semitism when someone uses Judaism as a crutch. It's just wrong.
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