Thursday, June 08, 2006

And Thank You, Larry Sabato

Oh boy, the folks who want to tar and feather Jim Webb as anti-Semitic went to town today.

Webb recently sent out a caricature of Harris Miller in a flyer that the Miller tin foil crowd claims absolutely proves Jim Webb is an anti-Semitic bigot.

Give Howling Latina a break! And if you don't trust her, see for yourself.

After all the gnashing of teeth by way of wild accusations, good ol' Larry Sabato framed the faux outrage perfectly.

Larry Sabato said the flier wasn't really any worse than other campaign literature he'd seen in hotly contested races.

"I think that's a real stretch to call that anti-Semitic, and I'm not usually inclined to give candidates the benefit of the doubt," Sabato said.

Ever the clever boy, Miller's campaign told the media that they had little time to worry about the flyer, but not before noting that the cartoon was "far beyond what any Virginia candidate has had lobbed at them"

You see, "[d]espite the very personal attacks, [they were] going to focus on...message."

Oh yes, how very magnanimous of the grandstander and baby-kisser as his minions probably called every media outlet to express their indignation. spin the Miller flyer as "jewbaiting" so they could try to stop the vote hemorrhaging that followed after the latest Democratic bigwig endorsement of Webb.

I'm Jewish and for the life of me can't imagine the flyer being seen as anti-semitic. This just reeks of Miller trying to change the subject.
Jonathan, as a person who has experienced discrimination first-hand as a Latina in Texas, I know discrimination when I see it.

And good-god-granny, this wasn't anywhere near it!
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