Thursday, June 08, 2006

Folks in Ft. Bend County Texas Glad To See DeLay Go

Howling Latina was trolling through the Internet and came across a post in Ft. Bend Now where the writer praised disgraced Rep. Tom DeLay with the lede, "Faith In God Allowed DeLay To Withstand Years Of Partisan Attacks."

Brad Long of Houston claimed "Tom has the peace that only comes through his boundless faith in God."

HL disagreed and simply amended her latest DeLay musing and posted it in the comment section.

Well, looks like many folks in Texas agree more with HL than Long. A kindred spirit writes:
"My faith in God allowed me to withstand years of poor representation. And God answered my prayers and removed Tom DeLay from Congress. Looks like my faith was stronger. Praise the Lord!"
Indeed, a majority of negative comments revealed why DeLay chose to leave Congress so intrepidly; he was gonna get a serious butt whipping in the fall election by former Democratic Congressman Nick Lampson.

Given the regional context of the comment, shouldn't it be "whoopin'" not "whipping"?
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