Wednesday, June 07, 2006

DeLay Keeping the $$$

In a story today, Roll Call writes that disgraced and soon to be former Congressman Tom DeLay is keeping the loot his unsuspecting stooges, er, I mean supporters, gave to his reelection campaign.

As of March 31, DeLay had more than $1.4 million sitting in his campaign account. But while he won't be spending it on re-election, DeLay said he won't be showering it on his colleagues or the National Republican Congressional Committee, either.

"It's already spent," DeLay said. "I need it to pay legal expenses. There's not enough in my campaign account to pay my legal expenses.

"In addition to using his campaign money, DeLay also has been drawing on his legal defense fund to pay his burgeoning lawyers' bills. Once he's out of the House, DeLay said, he will soon establish a private legal defense fund that will have no limits on how much donors can give.

That's right, GOPers, this is the guy your current leaders worshipped at the feet of until recently.

Kinna makes you proud and miss him already, don't it?!?

But not too worry; dear Tom wants to be a GOP political consultant and help his party carry the message of accountability, moral values and the conservative way of life to the rest of the nation.

Now that DeLay is just another has-been with plenty of folks who never really liked him in the first place, let's see how many Republicans pony-up and hire him, let alone contribute to his defense fund.

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