Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Allen Spending Early $$$ in Senate Race

Looks like Sen. George Felix Allen is taking time off from his presidential campaign to concentrate on a more urgent mission, winning reelection to the Senate in the fall.

Good move, Felix, especially since only a few years ago the Washingtonian reported that your aides didn't think too highly of your brainpower, and cast their votes on behalf of you to the "no rocket scientist" category!

Now, Daily Press Newspaper reports that Allen is "tak[ing] to the airwaves with a 30-second television spot" to introduce himself to voters and tell them what a great job he's done during the last six years for Virginians.

You know, like the Terri Schiavo vote; and now the Marriage Protection Act. Guess someone finally broke the news to Allen; this ain't no cakewalk but a real honest to goodness, down-to-the wire race.
Allen, once thought to have an easy ride to re-election this fall, will launch a statewide television campaign ad...for what is shaping up to be a spirited contest.
As political analyst Larry Sabato is quoted saying, "Jim Webb is George Allen's worst nightmare." So the friendly goober figures he better define himself before Webb sticks his combat boots up his fake cowboy hindparts.

"It's a good time to put out a positive message," Wadhams said. "Virginia is a state that has seen a lot of growth in the last five years. Some people have never seen Sen. Allen's name on the ballot before."

But Democrats ain't buying the snakeoil Allen is trying to sell, pointing to the "relatively early TV campaign as a sign of nervousness within the Allen camp."

Oh dear, expect Allen to talk about his "truth in sentencing" bullshit law he signed as governor that relegated teen adult children of the lowly and the political mighty to mandatory prison sentences without parole.

There is now little doubt that Allen must focus much of his time this year on winning another six-year Senate term. Wadhams, hired to head his Senate office and explore a presidential bid, has taken a leave of absence from the senator's office, to run Allen's Senate re-election campaign full time.

Wadhams insisted the TV ad did not signal any slippage in Allen's polling numbers.

George, it's time to pay the piper for your rubber stamp support of the worst president in the world!

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