Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Karl Rove Will be Indicted

Just as in the past, Jason Leopold is a few days ahead of mainstream media with block-breaking news.

On Sunday Howling Latina posted a story by Jason Leopold in TruthOut where sources were telling him that a Rove indictment was in the pipeline.

Now, David Shuster of MSNBC was on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" where he listed several reasons why he, too, believed Karl Rove would soon be indicted.

Think Progress posted the salient points of Shuster's argument:

1. Rove wouldn’t have testified for the 5th time unless he believed it was the only way he could avoid indictment. At this point, according to Shuster, the burden is on Rove to stop it.

2. It’s been 13 days since Rove testified and he has not heard that he is clear. Lawyers Shuster talked to say that if Rove would have gotten himself out of the jam, he would have heard by now.

3. Rove is referred to in the Libby indictment as “Official A.” According to Schuster [sic], every time Fitzgerald has named somebody as “Official A” that person has been indicted.

Let's add a fourth point. You know, the strange Rove demotion of a few weeks ago when Josh Bolten was named new chief of staff.

Dollars to a donut Rove gave the White House a heads-up; and they immediately found him a spot where he won't have to skip a beat.

Just give up his security clearance, work out of his home, keep raking in the $$$ and find a few good straw men to do battle with and crush, all in service to his country, of course.

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