Sunday, May 07, 2006

Latest on Karl Rove

No need for any guess work to see how the Valerie Plame cookout is going. Jason Leopold's latest post on TruthOut comes right out and says that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has been less than collegial in the Fitzgerald investigation.

According to Leopold, Gonzales has refused to turn over all the e-mails from the White House dealing with the Plame affair; he is claiming the online correspondence is just way too "sensitive."

I just BET!

Sources close to the case said that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales withheld numerous emails from Fitzgerald's probe, citing "executive privilege" and "national security" concerns. These sources said that as of Friday, May 5, there were still some emails that had not been turned over to Fitzgerald because they contain classified information in addition to references about the Wilsons.
Leopold reports that Rove is sticking to his original excuse that the reason he didn't disclose speaking to Matt Cooper of Time magazine is simply because he forgot; in fact, he still has no memory of it!

Rove testified last week that he still couldn't recall speaking to Cooper.
Yikes, no wonder folks are saying Rove's rump is cooked.

Hmmm, anyone care for a bite?

I'm not sure I want a bite of something so dirty, but I am looking forward to watching Fitzgerald carve him up.
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