Monday, May 01, 2006

Spare Us Your Phony Empathy

Sen. George Allen, please spare Virginians your phony empathy. On the road to reconciling your racial past, just put the petal to metal, and like they used to say in the 70s, keep on trucking.

Virginians don’t want to hear you try to sugarcoat your past in the third person; and your recent sinister call for Congress to pass a “resolution expressing remorse for slavery,” Señor Allen, is much too little, much too late.

If you think some dumb ride through Farmville is going to trump all your past racial bigotry and out-and-out racism, you are sadly mistaken.

It’s mighty nice for the
Washington Post to decide to front-page in their Metro section your empty symbolism; and the fact you’ve made the trip three times before does not erase the pesky facts the Post eventually got around to writing about at the end of their article.

Yes, “black leaders and political opponents have long accused [you] of racial insensitivities.” And with good reason.

Before he ran for governor in 1993, [Allen] kept a Confederate flag in a cabin near his Charlottesville home, part of a collection of flags, he has said. He once displayed a noose in his law office, which he said was part of homage to the West. And he stirred controversy as governor by issuing a proclamation noting the South's celebration of Confederate History Month in April, without mentioning slavery.

Lest not forget Allen also voted against the Martin Luther King Holiday, but heck, he’s not prejudiced, he’s simply against another holiday.

And just as Howling Latina predicted
earlier, once the New Republic magazine wrote about that nasty racial business, other newspapers would pick up the story. First the major newspapers and wire services, then smaller newspapers; and before you know it, every person in Virginia will know Allen's true racial stripes.

Allen's political opponents continue to question his commitment to diversity and say his partnership with Lewis is an attempt to repackage himself in preparation for the national stage.

Taylor West, a spokeswoman for former technology lobbyist Harris Miller, one of two Democrats seeking to replace Allen in the Senate, said that Allen's record is "troubling" and that recent comments "carry the tone of reinvention."

God bless Miller, he sure is good with the comeback quote. As for the Post, this information about Allen has been out there for quite a while. Why have they never reported it?!? And no, I'm not talking about Allen's S & M fetish with whips or his vote in the Virginia legislation, I'm talking about the barrage of charges from folks from California about Allen's putrid racist past.


Miller's Taylor West is practiced on the topic of "reinvention" He has helped "reinvent" Harris as Tech Industry exec and reformer...

So, I'm very, very amused and find tremendous irony in someone from the Miller campaign asserting that Allen comments "carry the tone of reinvention". Isn't that the tone of Miller's new public face?

Please don't imagine that I'm making light of the significiance of Allen's past. He's given every indication that he's a bigot and now he's doing damage control...

It's just rather funny to read the comments of Taylor West, one of the architects MILLER's makeover... From insider pro-outsourcing business lobbyist to businessman, "Tech executive", technology leader and political reformer...
How is he doing damage control? He steered that legislation throuhg before all of this? Look, I know I'm not gonna change any minds here, but Allen DID get alot of money for a community that REALLY needs it. That money, should the House pass the bill, will help a lot of kid in a real way. Why can't you guys on the left even bring yourself to admit it?

I know why, because the lefty memo on Allen is headed by "Allen = Racist" and any proof to the conrary must be smothered out and erased. Come on now, lets be honest. He did a good thing here, getting that money.
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