Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another So-Called 'Independent' Republican Sells Out

It looks like the road to the White House, or at least the GOP presidential nomination runs through the Christian batwing faction of the party.

First John McCain agrees to travel to Virginia to lobby for presidential blessings from Jerry Falwell, the man whom he'd previously labeled “as one of the ‘agents of intolerance’”, and now Rudy Giuliani is jumping on the flip-flopping bandwagon.

NewsMax reports that Giuliani has been on the campaign trail for Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania; a losing proposition, for this guy is history.

But ever the faithful foot soldier, "Giuliani said he agreed with Santorum that national defense is the country's most critical issue and praised the senator for his support for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, regardless of opinion polls."

Well, if all poor Rudy can plug is Satorum's strong support for Bush's war in Iraq, this guy is in even more trouble than his piss-poor poll numbers show.

Guess Giuliani is trying to win the hearts and minds of the Christian right; and to that end, Giuliani is also on the campaign trail for some pretty seedy Republicans.

Next month, he is holding a fundraiser for disgraced former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed, who only weeks ago was asked by Republican leaders in the state of Georgia to please keep his current job and not run for office.

Yes, even the far right NewsMax writes, “Reed is running for lieutenant governor in Georgia. His campaign has been undercut by his ties to disgraced former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who is facing prison time after pleading guilty to charges of conspiracy, tax evasion and fraud."

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