Saturday, February 04, 2006

Fundamentalist Reed is asked by fellow Republicans to Drop Out...

State legislators sent born-again windbag Reed a letter begging him to please withdraw his name as a candidate for lieutenant governor.

That's right, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution is reporting that 21 fellow brethren would prefer to not be associated with the scandal-plagued fundamentalist in November.

"For the good of the Republican Party, for the good of Georgia, we encourage Ralph Reed to withdraw from this race," stated the petition signed by the senators, all of whom support Reed's GOP rival, state Sen. Casey Cagle of Gainesville.
Oh how they thirst! And pray to the Almighty the festering epedimic of Jack Abramoff is fully cleansed from their party with the Reed healing blood by Election Day.

The article reports two thirds of the Senate have graciously thanked Reed for his past services "in helping build the Christian Coalition and the Republican party," but now want to be done with him. With the upcoming elections barreling towards them, Reed's name on the ticket spells big political trouble.

Their petition indicates that if he does not drop out, "Democrats will win the lieutenant governor's office [and] attract significant opposition money from around the nation and negatively impact the re-election of the governor."

In a cataclysmic battle, dark forces of the archfiend resist the restorative light; and like the corrupt Mephistopheles, Reed refuses to submit; and he instead continues on his destructive quest for power and glory.

Never mind flat polls or gnashing of teeth by former friends. Reed pushes on to collect cash for his campaign (no doubt through the bounty of his silver tongue) and opposes calls to withdraw.
Let me be crystal clear: having some of your fellow state senators ... sign a campaign letter attacking me will make no difference to me or to the voters," Reed stated in a public letter...
You almost feel sorry for Republicans, reduced to fighting with the devil they brilliantly created out of secular straw men and religious loonies. And like all epic battles, Reed is not going to check out quietly. The end-product may be foretold -- that is, Reed will not be victorious -- but the process is a woeful and messy one, giving Democrats unprecedented good prospects in November.

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