Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Virginians Did Some Serious Butt Whipping -- yep, just like I said...

From the blogger with a pulse on the special election in the 33rd District in Virginia, Raising Kaine is reporting that with nearly all districts counted, Herring leads Staton by about 62 to 38 percent.

In other words, pop the cork and CELEBRATE.

Can't help but think back a few months ago, when Gov. Tim Kaine decisively beat out former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore,and some party hacks said the reason was because Kilgore just wasn't conservative enough...

Well, the guy who just lost on the Republican side of the ledger was a right-wing wacko. And guess what? He lost. And not by a tiny bit, but by a landslide.

Hmm...wonder what's gonna be Republicans excuse this time around?

Gosh, it feels good to be on the winning side as a Democrat in Virginia. Now let's hear our newly elected governor kick some more serious butt on national television with the Democratic response to "The Yellow Ruse of Texas," our "Liar in Chief."

Just a little term of endearment from a Democratic political consultant who helped to engineer the winning response by Democrats in Loudoun County in November and today.

Howling, thanks for the confidence. And your hard work.

So many people from the district and all over NoVA pitched in to make this happen. Obviously, our Party is working together, kicking ass, and gearing up names for the next races!

Doug in Mount Vernon
Oh, and I LOVED your story about the woman walking her dog while you were canvassing. I shared that with some of my friends up in Lowes Island--and believe me, we can all relate! But how wonderfully you kept your cool and turned it around into a positive experience.

Awesome work.

Doug in Mount Vernon
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