Monday, January 30, 2006

Take it to the Bank, Mark Herring will Win the Senate Seat in Virginia

Democrat Mark Herring who faces a crucial election this coming Tuesday will win!

Yes, you heard it here.

After doing a little telephone canvassing, and taking a very unscientific anecdotal poll, I have concluded that former Loudoun County supervisor, Mark Herring will cream Mick Staton, "the son-in-law and political protege of former Del. Dick Black, a divisive and regressive presence in the House" who thankfully lost his reelection bid last November.

Herring will overwhelmingly win the senate race in the special election for the 33rd District that serendipitously became open after newly elected Republican Attorney General Robert F. McDonnell tapped former Republican Senator William "Bill" C. Mims for the number two spot in his office.

Gosh, it almost reminds me of the time former Republican Gov. James Gilmore nabbed former-Democratic Del. Dave Brickley for his cabinet and the poor Democrats soon thereafter lost the House.

Lucky, lucky Democrats for having the good fortune of an open seat in a special election with the Kaine victory wind at their back. The ultimate nail on Staton's political coffin came this morning with the enthusiastic endorsement of the Washington Post.

Yes, Raising Kaine duly notes the telling tea leaves on the ground, by way of desperate Republicans already spinning the loss as no big deal, just a little special election, no more!

Well, this is BIG! How big...? Big enough that Smiley-faced-cowboy Allen will now have to come up with a Northern Virginia strategy if he hopes to win reelection to the Senate in the fall.

And if James Webb signs up, it's Katy-bar-the door. Republicans can kiss a senate seat bye-bye in November. Hopefully, a huge win by Herring will be the added nudge Webb needs to jump into the race.

I couldn't find your email address, so I figured I'd post here.

In my post They're doing the state of the union in Spanish? I'm being completely sarcastic. You'll noticed that I said:

"Dave Albo must be fuming..."

That's a reference to Dave Albo's anti-immigrant attitudes. The guy once said "Kick them all out!" without even specifying who he meant. I like to assume that he meant not only all immigrants, but also white upper class grandmothers.

Anyway - email me at if you want to discuss.
Well thank God.

Sorry for my low flash-point.

And yes, I'll e-mail you as well.
I think Mark has a tremendous chance. However, I caution you not to put to much stock in Washington Post endorsements, as they really don't mean a whole lot in Loudoun. In fact, in 2003, they definitely hurt the BoS candidates.

I pray that we'll both have huge happy smiles on our faces around 8:00 PM tomorrow night!

Doug in Mount Vernon
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