Friday, January 13, 2006

Too Little -- Too Late

Pat Robertson is finally brought to his knees. After mouthing off that Israeli Prime Minister Sharon's illness was God taking vengeance for ceding holy territory to the Palestinians, the wrath of ELOHIM instead fell upon Robertson.

You will recall, last summer Robertson called for some brave Christian to assassinate Pres. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. And even after Christian leaders distanced themselves from Robertson, no apology from the man of God.

Now it seems Robertson's latest ranting has placed a malediction on the plains of Israel Park and Robertson. The Seattle Times is reporting that Israel has cut off talks with Robertson for a Bible themed park.
Israel's top tourism official said Wednesday he had suspended talks with American evangelical leader Pat Robertson to develop a Christian tourist center by the Sea of Galilee after Robertson's comments last week blaming Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stroke on divine punishment for withdrawing from Gaza.
Well nothing brings about contrition like the loss of cash; and the Associated Press is now reporting that Robertson, moral leader and founder of the Christian Radio Broadcasting Network has sent an urgent note of apology to Prime Minister Sharon's son.

The obsequious fawning two page letter is available on CBN's Web site. In it, Robertson asks Omri "for your forgiveness and the forgiveness of the people of Israel for remarks" he made that in "retrospect [were] inapprorpriate and insensitive."

And to boot, threatened to jeapordize all those blessed tour deals in the "40 acres of land on the northern shore of the Galilee" that Israel was about to fork over.

No doubt visions of Jim Baker, timeshares, and his Christian theme park at Heritage USA moved Robertson to write his toadying, sycophantic mea culpa. But to no avail, I might add.

CNN is reporting that Israel plans to "go ahead with plans to build an evangelical Christian heritage center in northern Israel -- but without Robertson."

Oops...Maybe next time Robertson will keep his wicked mouth shut.

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