Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Fruits of Denial

Interesting observation by Dana Milbank in a recent Washington Post article.

Only the president's closest friends and family know (if anybody does) what he's really thinking these days...Bush has not been viewed up close; as he took his eighth post-Katrina trip to the Gulf Coast yesterday, the press corps has accompanied him only once.

So Bush hasn't been seen up close by anyone....? And Laura was once again tagging along.

Hmm...if you recall in a post by Howling Latina when the National Enquirer broke the story Bush had fallen off the wagon a few weeks ago, she wrote of warning flags to look for; and specifically listed evidence of isolation from the media and a short leash by family members as tell-tale signs.

The fact the press hasn't been allowed to jet alongside the president might have a more sinister reason than White House spin of "logistics," a broad in content excuse that does not preclude a hung-over president as its bedrock.

During Matt Lauer's interview with Bush, the "blur of blinks, taps, jiggles, pivots and shifts" could surely be the morning shadows of hard night drinking and daybreak alcohol withdrawal.

Bush's feigned bravado on NBC's Today Show reminded me of the morning-after cocky drunkard who dares someone to prove what is blatantly obvious: the open secret of "slips" that allow family (extended or immediate) to hide behind their circustancial nature in full-blown denial.

Yep, the media and country, Bush's extended family may well be in denial. Only pictures of Bush rolling on the floor ALA daughter Janna can force the nation to come to terms that a boozer sits and governs from the White House.

All drunks need capable enablers to keep the charade of sobriety going. No need to suffer the consequences of ones action, just bring along either Poppy, The Enforcer, or Steady-as-she-Goes-Laura.

And perhaps they can keep Bush off the sauce; but if they fail, well they can at least make sure he showers, brushes his teeth, puts on clean clothes and smiles for the cameras and audience.

Now look straight into the lens and say cheese; and a round of Paxil for everyone's trouble.

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God, this is obscene. Say what you will but to scurrilously claim he's drinking? I'm embarrassed for you. What's more, Te deberia de dar verguenza.
Nope. Just check the facts, sweetie.

No me da niguna verguenza.
Your analysis is spot on. Eliminate the impossible and whatever remains, however improbable, is the truth.

Besides, the National Enquirer is darn good at this stuff. Darn good. And they didn't say he was taken in a spaceship to a bar on Pluto.
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I'm glad I stumbled across your blog. Interesting scenarios you paint.

I assume the posts that have been removed were written by people who disagreed violently with your right to speculate. Let's hope they soon lose their power in this country.

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