Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Senator in Washington...

What a great write-up in The Nation about Virginia's senior Sen. Jim Webb; and his crusade to reform the criminal justice system; too many wasted lives.

Here's a paragraph from the story that fully capures the man.
Webb's biography makes him the perfect vessel for this endeavor; it also helps that he's so indifferent to the rudiments of electoral politics. In fact, it's a kind of miracle the man is a senator at all. On a recent afternoon, as he toured the Bragg Hill Family Life Center, which provides social services to ex-offenders in Fredericksburg, Virginia, he was so stone silent that co-founder Rev. Joseph Henderson grew self-conscious. "You can ask any questions," Henderson offered nervously. "We preachers talk too much sometimes." As we walked through the gym, Webb had to be prompted to shake the hands of the (adorable) children scurrying around him, and the look on his face as he prepared to glad-hand was that of a man steeling himself for the dentist's chair.
Christopher Hayes hits it out of the ball park with his last line. Howling Latina can clearly picture the visuals. In the past, she's seen Webb in action as he plods through a queue of smiling supporters and nary a smile from him; he's just naturally shy.

Indeed, the senator may not be an instinctive baby-kisser, but he's a natural born leader; just read his bio and a quote from the senator himself.

"People follow leaders," Webb told [Hayes], "if leaders give them something to believe in."

Right now, Webb is leading the way: fix the American criminal justice system by January 2013 and peacefully go back to private life and writing -- his true passion.

If the Democrats produced more candidates like Jim Webb, Americans would be happy to have the Democrats lead this nation for the foreseeable future.

As for the assessment regarding the Senator's demeanor, I last talked with him at the Equality Virginia dinner, and he displayed great humor and grace. Most of us who have met him can agree that Jim Webb is genuine and sincere. What one sees, is what we get.

Jim Webb will, one day, become President, and he shall be regarded to be among the greatest of our Presidents.
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