Thursday, April 23, 2009

Randy Does Fox

Like that ol' seedy porn of yesteryears, "Debby Does Dallas," Randy Does Fox.

Yes, boys and girls, Rhodes, the whore, is back on reel and this time, she's doing Fox. Well actually, it's even worse; she's signed on with the same deplorable scumbags who corrupt the airwaves with Limbaugh, Hannity, Dr. Laura and Beck; looks like little Randy has found her campestral adobe.

Premiere Radio Networks adds The Randi Rhodes Show to its lineup of nationally syndicated shows, beginning May 11. The show will broadcast live from Washington, DC, and early affiliates will include KTLK/Los Angeles, KKGN/San Francisco, and KPOJ/Portland, OR.

"Randi has carved a niche in talk radio with her straight-forward approach, intelligence, wit, and fact-driven content --- qualities that attract audiences," said Premiere EVP/Affiliate Marketing Julie Talbott. "We can't wait to deliver The Randi Rhodes Show to stations nationwide."

Now isn't that special?? Maybe during the late witchy hours when nothin' much is going on at Fox, Rhodes and Annie the Coulter can spawn their own horror show to perfectly suit their special brand of personage.

hey HL,
stumbled upon your blog via BAR and am loving it thus far... don't know what your beef is w/ Ms. Rhodes, but as someone that listens to her from time to time (not as rabid as her faithful), she was missed while she was gone. could you possibly elaborate on your dislike, please?
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