Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Beef, Just Bullshit

All those crimes being committed by illegals in Prince William County? It was a dog and pony show to distract the hawking of snake oil from the back of the store, The Washington Post reports.

That's right. Even with tough-on-crime Corey and Jackson in charge and illegals leaving town by droves, crime went up in the county; meanwhile gullible homeowners lost 50 percent of their home value.
The county's crime rate rose last year for the first time since 2004. That increase was driven largely by a surge in property crime, including burglaries and larcenies. But the number of major violent crimes plummeted almost 22 percent from the year before -- more proof, advocates say, that the policy has worked.
Guess all those vacant homes weren't such a great idea after all. But never underestimate the gall of some folks.

"I think what the stats show is the effectiveness of the program," said Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey A. Stewart (R-At Large), who fought hard for passage of the policy.


"Frankly, illegal immigrants have done one of two things: They have either left the county, or they simply are being very careful not to commit any crimes and end up in jail."

Check your wallets and purses any time a person prefaces a statement with "frankly." Now here's what someone with a grip on reality -- Nancy Lyall -- legal coordinator for Mexicans Without Borders, an immigrant advocacy group, had to say on the subject:
"This is what we have said all along, before the resolution was even passed," Lyall said. "We knew back then that this was just an excuse. The reality was these lawmakers needed an election issue. They needed something to get people riled up about."
Republicans have always had the need for a straw bogeyman. Commies, hippies, welfare queens, homos, illegals, terrorists...and voters always fall for the lowest common denominator.

Now the best case scenario for the county is for renters looking for cheap housing to move right next door to your home; and yes, that especially includes you, Mr. Li. Don't cry for me, Prince William; the howler moved out long ago; and don't say you weren't warned; you've had it coming since oh, 2005 or so.

Wow! Well, obviously, whatever Nancy Lyall has to say per se debunks the statistical evidence!

Or not.
After the passage of the 'Immigration Resolution', overall crime increased for the first time in 5 years. Now, keep in mind that crime rates were dropping during the timeframe that Stewart claims we experienced an 'invasion'. So, we had more undocumented people entering the county but less crime. This simple fact alone dispels any assertion that more undocumented people equates to more crime.

Now, what is being touted as a 22%drop in 'violent crimes' can be directly attributed to a drop of about a hundred cases of 'Aggravated Assault' which corresponds to about a hundred less cases of 'Domestic Violence' being reported. I guarantee there are families in mixed immigration status living in the County, who now endure domestic violence instead of phoning the police to intervene. In the long run, this is not making our community safer.

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