Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Message to Democratic Governor Hopefuls...

First, a message to the state senator from Bath County via the howler. She wants you to quit filling her inbox with campaign drivel and span; nothing you can ever say will convince her to campaign or vote for you. She's just not that into you; maybe it's all those anti-drug laws you tout on your Web site.

Besides, you are a loser. You lost your campaign for lieutenant governor and you lost your campaign for attorney general. Don't you think you should first prove you can win statewide before you ask for a promotion?? Just asking...

And dear Terry McAuliffe, you would be much better off waiting for the '12 Senate campaign when Jim Webb retires, as he's sure to do. Remember, Webb principally considers himself a writer -- not a senator. With a little patience, you will reach the mountaintop.

Of course, McAuliffe's strategy for getting his name known throughout the commonwealth will likely pay off in '12 but...in the meantime, somebody's gotta win now; and there's only candidate who can do exactly that.

That candidate is Brian Moran. To hell with party dogma about staying above the fray. We all know that above anyone else, Moran deserves the Democratic nomination. Is he not the one who always found the time to campaign and work his butt off to elect Dems throughout the state, from sheriff, state offices to the halls of Congress??

Like Jim Webb against George Allen, Moran is the only candidate who can beat a well-known Republican with a favorite son campaign in Northern Virginia.

Just one tiny query for Delegate Moran, though. How in the hell does one go about contributing $$$ to your campaign?? When somebody drops by Creigh's Web site, he or she is directed to contribute gazillion times. And first thing Terry asks when anyone visits his site is for bread.

Forget twitter, phone banking, facebook, etc. Yes, they're all nice, but Mr. Moran, you're gonna need some hard cash. Don't be ashamed; ask for it in plain site.

Hey there, come over to OrganizeVirginia.com and sign up for an account on Brian Moran's organizing platform. Join our bloggers group. Great to have you on board.
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