Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kiss Her Liberal A--

During the last few days Howling Latina has been gettin' some love from splindly male bloggers because gasp, someone mentioned her when posting about "Women for Moran," a group of gals who know that Brian Moran is the absolute best candidate for governor in Virginia.

Well, as she wrote a few weeks ago, Brian Moran is indeed her man; and if anyone has a problem with that, they can kiss her liberal a--. Of course like the divine law of karma, the Washington Post linked to her post and today, it has a story that fully backs the howler's reasoning for endorsing Moran in the first place; Moran strongly came out against that gawd-awful marriage amendment that was enacted in '06.

You see, Moran "is gambling that Virginia Democrats, testing their strength after winning the governor's mansion twice and helping to deliver the White House, will now embrace the candidate they see as their most progressive option in the June 9 primary."

Meanwhile, McAuliffe and Deeds are busy oscillating between Planet Backslide and Planet Claptrap.

Moran's rivals, state Sen. R. Creigh Deeds and Terry McAuliffe, former national Democratic Party chairman, helped create the opening by taking a more cautious approach to the issue in a campaign that has not been marked by significant policy distinctions.

All three candidates oppose same-sex marriage, but they all opposed the 2006 constitutional amendment because they believed it restricted even contractual relationships between same-sex couples.

But only Moran has said he would work to repeal it.

Oh yes, boys and girls, Moran has got a spine to go along with his winning smile and progressive roots; just what Virginians need to fight off the rabid batwings when divvying up the voting precincts after the '10 census.

Didn't Deeds vote for the Marriage Amendment in the GA, only later to come out against it?
Can't believe the WaPo endorsed the idiot.
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