Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jon Stewart Speaks and CNBC Cowers...

Looks like that nasty little rumor about Stewart's takedown of Cramer was true; he did it all for love. And now a few days later, surprise, surprise, CNBC is cowering before the Mighty Poser.

Jason Linkins of Huffy explains:

CNBC has been one of the White House's most fervent critics, what with all the "wealth destruction" and the support for "loser's mortgages" and Robert Gibbs' refusal to give Rick Santelli coffee.
The horror, the horror!!! Except it sounds an awful lot like Newtie's hissy fit during the Clinton presidency about havin' to sit at the back of the bus. Petty and stupid.

But don't worry; it's all good; the tongue lashing worked.

[G]uess what you're hearing out of CNBC today? Total change in attitude! Erin Burnett and Jim Cramer made an appearance on the Today Show and brought everything but the pom-poms

Yep, sad to note but GOPers are not the only ones who cower before some Mighty Mouth with a megaphone. As you will see, even media overlords cower in fear and shame when necessary. And with Jon Stewart spewing his special kind of bile on the airwaves about CNBC, it was very, very necessary.

Burnett offered the heretofore -- considered radical opinion that people needed to be patient with the stimulus package! "One of the things that's finally happening," Cramer remarked, "is that assets are finally going up." YES! Inflated value! It's finally happening, for assets! It's a frabjous day for assets! Along the way, broad predictions that lending would be coming as early as springtime. And executive compensation? It needs reform! But let's not get too reformy.

"The President has become pro-shareholder," Cramer enthused.

Yes indeedy! A choicely moral in this darlin' mini story! Shill, shill, shill, all the while pretending to do so as serious, gold-plated journalists; or in Stewart's case, as a comic provocateur. Bwah-ha-ha-ha- HAH! Lots of fun and games, girls and boys.

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