Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cry Me A River-- Unintended, Of Course

Boo Hoo Hoo, cry me a river and then pass the salt shaker. Obama can't find enough folks without ties to lobbyists to serve in his administration; and this is so tragic that a heresy has been put forth -- not just by the usual apostates at NoQuarterUSA and The Confluence. No siree; this time the blasphemy has come from Huffy and the Big Cheese.

First Huffy with no link; look it up, if you must:

"Barack Obama made no secret of his feelings for 'Washington lobbyists' during the campaign and vowed that they wouldn't be staffing his White House.

"The implementation of that rule, however, has led to a number of consequences that Obama could never have intended. Eliminating lobbyists from consideration drains the pool of progressive talent that the White House needs at a time when agencies and departments are severely understaffed. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, for instance, barely has any deputies as the economy continues to spiral out of control."

Nah, you think....?

David Waldman aka Krago X and a routine cheese grater at DailyKos also blasts a bit of impiety through the Internet ether by noting the obvious:

"Unintended consequences? I don't think so. It may not be accurate to say that this was the intended consequence, but after years and years of debates about lobbyists -- not to mention term limits, which involved a similar argument about accumulated experience -- who could possibly believe that this wasn't at least a known consequence of this policy?

"Lobbyists who for years have fought for workers' rights, environmental protection, human rights, pay-equity for women, consumer protection and other items on the Obama agenda have found the doors to the White House HR department slammed shut.

"Yeah, I think Hillary Clinton actually told us point blank about that."

Indeed she did; and she was routinely disparaged and denounced as a lobbyist's best friend; the embodiment of a ruined democracy whose principal aim was to screw everyone in America.

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise. Once again, Hillary proves she was right all along. So if there are no deputies at Treasury to help guide the crumbling economy which is getting worse and worse each day, sing along with Justin and cry us all a big frigging river. The day of reckoning is upon us.

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