Saturday, February 07, 2009

Obama "Hope" Artist Arrested

Shepard Fairey, the artist who designed the "red, white, and blue posters of President Barack Obama, was arrested last night" for outstanding warrants of the mysterious kind.

The artist's arrest could be a fitting metaphor for what's happened to the progressive agenda Dem elites and blogger boyzz just knew would be their due once Obama was elected to office. With arrested frowns on their faces, they're now jointly bemoaning the mysterious force that has bagged the liberal agenda which according to their past false proclamations only Obama could be trusted to bring to fruition.

Let's see: within the last of days we've learned that Obama has nominated a Republican partisan who voted against emergency Census funding as secretary of commerce; and oh yeah, to boot this nominee has a senior staff member who is being investigated by the Justice Department with links to the Abramoff scandal. Obama also will be "inject[ing] billions in fresh capital [without] requir[ing] banks to increase lending." And because during an economic meltdown certain segments must never, ever suffer the least little bit of discomfort, Obama caved in to Republican calls for more military expenditures and business tax cuts with his hyper "bipartisan" stimulus package where a whopping three GOP senators from azure blue states are set to gallantly vote with Dems.

Yes, one can definitely feel the love. And all the change we can definitely believe in...OR NOT.

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