Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is Karma About to Take Another Bite??

Howling Latina has noted how nearly every person who maliciously bad-mouthed Hillary during the Democratic primaries has been crushed by the law of just desserts for their backstabbing ways.

Notice the howler said "nearly" everyone. There are a few special persons from this distinguished group who've managed to avoid the cosmic's harsh sledge of retribution. Folks like rabble rouser Donna Brazile and James Enos Clyburn.

But soon Donna may be standing alone; it looks like Enos is about to find himself in well-deserved doo-doo. TPM Muckraker breathlessly reports that in 2005 more than a few lawmakers took a Caribbean junket with Allen Stanford, the same great guy from Houston who sold "$8 billion in certificates" from a bogus bank in Antigua and who's recently vanished into thin air with the SEC hot on his trail; the guest list included Katherine Harris, Tom Feeney and other enemies of the progressive state.

So what does a junket with a shady financier have to do with honest Enos who is still owed a slice of just desserts for his ruse of last year ??

Well, it just so happens that Muckraker has a few photos and guess who was invited to the shindig...?

The go-to guy in the House when Dems need to whip the vote; the same Dem who pulled out the race card before the all-important primary in South Carolina last year, calling Hill and Bill fairy tale racists. Yep, that's the same Enos clinging to the bus, almost as if he knew someday his little vacation would cost him big.

How long before Enos goes under the bus with Caroline and Bill "Judas" Richardson?

Update: It just wouldn't be a schadenfreude banquet without "air hooker" Randy Rhodes. So...courtesy of Not Your Sweetie, she's been invited; it seems the former radio starlet got herself fired. AGAIN!

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