Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Economy Sucks...!

Howling Latina knew the economy was in the tank when she received her graduate degree in professional writing and editing from George Mason University and couldn't find a job that paid more than $30000.

But that was before everyone started getting the ax and HL was too proud, too ashamed, too something to ever breathe a word about her miserable financial "situation."

So what to do?? What to do?? Well, she joined the rat race and is happy to report she's teaching youn'uns the art of writing and literature with a bevy of benefits befitting every county employee where she works as a teacher. Can't complain; at least they pay her extra $$$ for her education; and yes, for all you rabid batwings, HL is busy turning students into commies as they read Nelson Mandela and stories about Anthony Burns.

Bwah, ha, ha, ha, ha.

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