Sunday, February 08, 2009

Corey Stewart is a Big Fat Idiot

Hey Corey, how's that illegal immigrant bashing working out for the economic health of Prince William County, you xenophobic idiot?@!?

Inquiring minds can read all about it in the Washington Post and then have a good cry or laugh -- depending on whether they live in the county or not.

Virginia Republican Corey A. Stewart built his reputation as a combative ideological firebrand who wanted to tackle head-on the quandary of illegal immigration.

But over the past several months, home values have plummeted, state Republicans have suffered repeated electoral defeats and the public has become consumed by economic concerns. So Stewart, the pugnacious chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, began setting his sights on a new mission: navigating Republican loyalists out of the immigration debate with the same vigor he used to help draw them into it.

Stewart's approach is to push Republicans away from their emphasis on social issues and back in the direction of pocketbook concerns.

Of course sweet Corey is trying to do a little backtracking. He knows that things are gonna get real interesting in Virginia after the '10 census. In other words, his days are likely numbered -- as are the days of every Republican batwing in Richmond; and like a bunch of roaches after the Orkin man has arrived, they're all running for cover.

In the meantime, poor Howling Latina's son, who lives in PWC, saw his real estate taxes on a modest home jump by $300 a month. He'll be appealing, for sure, but first he has to wait for a little form to come in the mail by April. In the meantime, the county is collecting $$$ they damn well know they have no right to collect and will eventually have to return. Guess that's one way to take care of any cash flow problems caused by jaundiced-eyed county leaders and simple-minded voters who trusted them.

Not to worry, though. Dems have the states' and counties' back with a stimulus package that every Republican in the House voted against. And you damn well know that Corey Stewart would've voted against it if he'd been in Congress.

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