Sunday, January 04, 2009

Karma Express...Hang up the Phone

The Karma Express has decided to take revenge again.

First, it was John Edwards. No spot at the Democratic convention for you; too toxic. Then it was Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, the Twinky misogynists at MSNBC. No "Meet the Press" gig; too partisan. Coals in John Kerry and Bill Richardson's stocking. No job at State; too stupid. Jesse Junior, forget the Senate; too ethnic. Caroline, we're not that into you either; too genteel. And now it looks like the Karma Express is right on time and taking its first passenger of 2009. No commerce secretary job for Bill 'Judas' Richardson; too many questions about "pay-to-play" shenanigans.

Jake Tapper of Political Punch reports that Obambi and Judas kept the phone lines a-buzzing this weekend.
The governor spoke with the president-elect several times over the weekend, their last conversation being Saturday, when Richardson told Obama he was withdrawing his name from consideration.
With Obambi, it will be: "Hasto luego. Gotta run. Say hello to Jesse Junior, Bill Ayers and Jeremiah. Maybe we can all do lunch one day."

Wah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Judas is toast.

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