Friday, January 09, 2009

Burris Cleared by Sec. of State

Looks like the Senate is running out of excuses for not seating Roland Burris.

Howling Latina is happy to link to the unsurprising news: the Illinois Supreme Court has ruled in Burris's favor and as a result, the Illinois secretary of state has finally stopped pussing footing around and "certified Roland Burris' appointment to the Senate."

In another story, Politico reports that Dems are not happy campers, squarely blaming the whole fiasco where it belongs: on the shoulders of Reed and Durbin (for stupidly claiming Burris was tainted when he had done nothing wrong) and Obama (for stupidly agreeing with them when he should've kept his mouth shut).
"Reid operates in this tight, little circle with Durbin and [Sen. Charles] Schumer and [Sen. Patty] Murray," complained one veteran Democratic senator, granted anonymity to speak candidly. "He needs to talk to more people, and maybe these kinds of situations won't occur again."
Check mate, your move guys...

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