Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama Owes Pastor Rick Warren...

Just as Obama was about to embark on his uncertain journey to the White House, Pastor Rick Warren made a very fortuitous invitation to the then junior senator from Illinois.

As Howling Latina reported back in November, 2006, Pastor Rick Warren, the evangelical icon and author of the best selling Christian book, 'The Purpose-Driven Life,'" invited Obama to speak at his megachurch. At the time, it was the good reverend who was taking all the heat for inviting the forked-tongue heathen who dared advocate usage of condoms.

So you see, in a perfectly legal quid pro-quo -- not to be confused with the illicit kind that right up front demands the quo before the quid (and yes, we're referring to Gov. Rod Blagojevich, of course), Obama is simply returning the honor.

Back when Obama was trying to win votes, he got to show his wares to Warren's flock. Now Pastor Warren gets a chance to win some souls, hopefully converting a few of the heathens who show up for the jamboree on Jan. 20, including some of the [gasp] godless gays.

H/T Not Your Sweetie

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