Friday, December 19, 2008

Caroline Kennedy Out...

Political Wire reports that Caroline Kennedy may not be the next New York senator, after all.

If you like to read tea leaves, when a PBS reporter asked Charlie Rangel whom Gov. David Paterson was going to name to replace Hillary, Rangel tried to be cagey but he may have spilled the beans anyhow.

RAFAEL PI ROMAN: Lastly, I know you talked to Governor Paterson about the replacement for Senator Clinton, I was wondering if you have any favorites among the candidates that are being discussed?

CONGESSMAN RANGEL: Well the governor has already made up his mind and he shared it with me, and I support that he's going to select the best possible candidate that he can.

RAFAEL PI ROMAN: When are we going to find that out?

CONGESSMAN RANGEL: When he selects him.

Now remember boys and girls that in spite of all the threats from JJJ, Rangel was a staunch Hillary supporter to the end. Thus, like Matthews, JJJ and Olby, no promotion for CK.

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