Thursday, December 18, 2008

Al Franken Will Be the Next Minnesota Senator

Al Franken picked up a bunch of votes today and according to TPM Election Central, he is "poised to take the lead tomorrow as the state canvassing board sorts through the remaining hundreds of ballot challenges from the Coleman campaign, which have been mostly frivolous attempts to throw out Franken votes."
[M]ost of Coleman's challenges to Franken's votes were a bust, while some of Franken's efforts to get ambiguous ballots into his own column largely held up.
Yes siree. Dems will have 59 votes in the Senate; almost a filibuster-proof majority. Now let's see if those spineless Dems and Obama decide to hold anyone accountable for the shameless lawlessness of the last eight years. By the bye, can we get an "Amen" at the inagural invocation, Rev. Rick Warren?

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