Saturday, October 18, 2008

McCain Disses Black Cousins -- but Brother Joe Doesn't

Although Sen. John McCain has claimed in the past that his family never, ever owned slaves, it seems he might've misspoken a tad.

You see, not only did his forebears own a few slaves in Mississippi but he has quite a few cousins as a result.

South Florida Times explains.

[T]he ancestors of Sen. John McCain owned enslaved Africans on a plantation [and] black, white and mixed-race family members unite every two years for their Coming Home Reunion...on the land where the plantation operated.
Isn't that nice; everyone shows up in unity and harmony; everyone, that is, except dear Cousin John who is not a racist.

Perhaps this is what the whispering campaign in 2000 in South Carolina was actually referring never knows. But like Black Political Thought writes, "Isn't it funny how [McCain] could beam with joy at his adopted daughter from Bangladesh, but yet he has turned his back on his own black family members."

Yes, isn't it funny? Puts the howler to mind of another Republican would-be president who didn't want anyone to know about his ancestry. Does President George Macaca ring a bell, anyone??

H/T Shakesville.

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