Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holy Cow! Houston Chronicle Endorses Rick Roriega

As a former Houstonian, Howling Latina likes to keep apprised of folks from her old stomping grounds; and besides, her daughter now lives in Houston.

In that context, she'd previously written about the great Democratic candidate running against one of the most idiotic Republican senators. No small glory. And even though this is Texas, it's a doable pick-up state. In fact, Hill and Bill recently headlined a few shindigs to help Noriega win.

The Houston Chronicle fullly agrees with the howler. Noriega is absolutely the best candidate and they've now officially endorsed him.

Come January, the halls of Congress will likely be populated by strengthened Democratic majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Texas will need able representation in all arenas in that shifting legislative environment.

It will be especially important for Texans to have a strong, respected voice inside the expected Democratic majority in the Senate. Rick Noriega offers such a voice, with a distinctive Lone Star tone and perspective. The Chronicle endorses Noriega for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Republican John Cornyn.

Noriega, a Houstonian, describes himself as a Texas Democrat. That term, once common currency in the state's political conversation, seems to have fallen out of favor over the past several Republican-dominated years. But it resonates once more in this season of voter discontent with partisanship uber alles. Some old-fashioned moderate bipartisanship, Texas style, should be much welcomed in the Washington debate, particularly on overheated topics such as energy and immigration. Rick Noriega can provide it.

The howler will have to keep her eyes and ears open to see if other newspapers have already endorsed him or will follow suit. As she predicted way back in June 2007, Noriega was to be the Dem candidate and then on Election Day, he would go on to give The Cornman more than he ever expected to handle.

Like Fighting Dem Jim Webb, Noriega is the real deal; and here's why.
Noriega is exactly the right candidate to run against John Cornyn. Noriega spent a year in Afghanistan on the front lines of the "war on terror". He's also been deployed to the Texas border to train National Guardsmen on matters of border security. What are the two biggest issues these days? John Cornyn can talk about these things. Rick Noriega has actually been there and done them.

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