Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hillary Campaigning with Noriega

Texas State Rep. Rick Noriega is running against moronic Sen. John "Corndog" Cornyn. Now Texas is a super red state but that's not stopping Hillary from trying to get out the vote for Noriega.

Howling Latina has written several posts on why Noriega is an awesome candidate and what a huge improvement he would be over rabid wingnut Corndog. Noriega has a great biography -- very similar to Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia -- a war veteran with a strong record of public service.

Dallas News reported that Hillary flew to the Rio Grande Valley where she is a rock star and asked supporters to help send Noriega to Congress.

Clinton, who enjoys immense popularity...emphasized Noriega's military background — even calling him "lieutenant colonel" at one point — and said, "we need his leadership and his experience."

Meanwhile, Cornyn has a new ad out falsely claiming that he tried to warn everybody about the looming financial meltdown but gosh darn it, no one would listen to him...

"It shouldn't have happened," Cornyn said in the ad. Washington only got to work when the answer was too late and too expensive. We need to hold the guilty parties responsible."
Hmmm, what do you mean we, pale face?? This is all on you and your Republican buddies who for decades railed against any government oversight and foolishly believed free markets would take care of everything. Now you've reaped what you so joyfully and wrecklessly sowed.

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