Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bill Clinton to Campaign for Rick Noriega

One of Howling Latina's favorite candidate is getting a little help from Bill Clinton.

The Houston Chronicle reports that "[f]ormer president Bill Clinton is headlining a rally tonight for Senate candidate Rick Noriega in Dallas." Noriega is running against the idiotic Sen. John "Corndog" Cornyn.
Mr. Noriega hopes that Mr. Clinton and others can help him pull big vote totals out of Dallas County, an area that’s been rapidly trending blue since 2006, when Democrats swept every local contest they entered.
Noriega is a state representative with a totally awesome resume who deserves to win.

DALLAS -- Democrat Rick Noriega and Republican Sen. John Cornyn headed into their final televised debate Thursday, just a week after facing off over the economic bailout and health care in their battle for U.S. Senate.
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