Sunday, September 21, 2008

Who is for ME?

Leave it to good ol' Mountain Mama to sum up in three words an entire campaign theme.

At a well-received rally in Pikeville, KY., Hillary told a cheering crowd yesterday that it was time to stop asking the wrong question on Election Day.

Rather than asking themselves who they are for, Clinton said, voters should ask “who is for me? Who is for me and my family, my community, my schools, my job in the coal mines, my veterans, my young people serving in the military right now?”
Hillary was swinging through Kentucky and rallying her supporters to vote for Bruce Lunsford who is running against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

No shrinking violet, Mr. Lunsford hammered McConnell and the Republican Party for their ill-advised economic policies: "[D]eregulate when times are good and bail ‘em out when times are bad – not you but them – every time.”

What a great tribute to Hillary it would be if Mitch McConnell were to lose on Nov. 4, just as Lunsford reminded his enthusiastic fans; and after listening to Obama's uninspiring circuitous drivel, mygawd, couldn't we just all cry when we realize that this whole election could have easily been wrapped up long ago with Hillary as the candidate and four little words: Who is for me??

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