Saturday, September 06, 2008

"She is Not on the Ticket, So Why Should She Intervene?"

Today we have a lovely item by good ol' Anne E. Kornblut of Washington Post. Supposedly, the premise of her article is to underscore how Republicans are crying "sexism" when the gentle lady from Alaska is only getting a taste of the national sandwich served to Hillary with pepper sauce ever since she arrived at the national canteen when hubby was running for president in the early 90s.

For most of the article, Kornblut meanders from one meaningless observations to another before she gets to the heart of the banquet. If Obama loses in November, it will be Hillary's fault and her army of loyalists.

Now, not "every awkward detail of Palin's personal life is an acceptable target", Kornblut warns, and Democrats, reporters and bloggers should not "pursue Palin in all of the aggressive ways that Clinton has been grilled for most of her political life." However, let's get one thing straight. Hillary's strident media coverage was partially her fault. You see, she didn't "always openly answe[r] questions about her own record" and gasp, she also had the temerity to "manipulate", yes, "manipulate her femininity to her advantage when it suited her political needs."

Moreover, and here comes the most damning indictment, why isn't Hillary out there campaigning for Obama, 24/7??

Clinton has been surprisingly quiet in the days since Palin was nominated. She issued a bland statement the day McCain announced his surprise pick...Last Thursday, Clinton put out just her second statement about Palin, saying she wanted to "slightly amend" one of her best zingers in Denver: "No way, no how, no McCain-Palin." And while Clinton is scheduled to stump in central Florida Monday on Sen. Barack Obama's behalf, the trip is not, according to people in both Democrats' camps, designed as a direct response to the debut of the second female vice presidential nominee in U.S. history.
Of course, if Hillary were the Democratic vice presidential candidate, things would look a whole lot different, wouldn't they, my little kool aid drinkers...

But thank the divine keepers of political discourse that Obama's campaign doesn't have such a divisive person as Hillary on their presidential ticket. In the meantime, Obamanation better get used to the idea that everyone in the entire country and world knows they screwed up big time when they didn't choose the most qualified candidate with the most votes who was a woman; and how very clever of McCain to take advantage of Dem stupidity by snapping up a woman of lesser mettle in Hillary's stead.

Earth to media gasbags and blogger boyzz and girlzz, this is "why Palin's emergence has given the increasingly tight 2008 campaign a kind of symmetry", the great equalizer, if you will, as even Anne recognizes at the end of her article. Please leave Hillary and her supporters out of this Obama fiasco.

Update: Patty Davis begs Hillary to please do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to save the day; it's a very scary world.

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