Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sexist, Sexist, Sexist

Despite media claims that it's just doing his job in hounding Gov. Sarah Palin and her family to find out the "truth" about this and that, Hillary supporters are refusing to drink the kool aid.

Politico reports that Clinton aides agree with Republican assertions that the media has been sexist and unfair toward Palin.

Oh, and so do "leading academics." In other words, any clear-thinking person with their head out of their anal cavities clearly sees what poor Obamazoids can't visualize due to the fatal illness of Barackamitis.
“There’s no way those questions would be asked of a male candidate,” said Howard Wolfson a former top strategist for Clinton’s presidential campaign.
A leading university professor without a dog in the fight also notes how media media coverage up to date has dripped with overt sexism.

Deborah Tannen, a Georgetown University professor and best-selling author on "gender differences" observes that "prominent voices in the news media...cross[ed] a line by speculating about whether the Alaska governor is neglecting her family in pursuit of national office."

“What we’re dealing with now, there’s nothing subtle about it,” said Tannen. “We’re dealing with the assumption that child-rearing is the job of women and
not men. Is it sexist? Yes.”
When talking about Palin, Ed Schultz of Air Obambi happily riles his drones by alerting them of a "bimbo alert." Sally Quinn of "Hillary is a tortured person" fame as well as other goodies from the past takes time out from her hosting duties in Georgetown to chime in about Palin. It's gone from the bitch who wouldn't quit to the uppity bitch who clings to guns and refuses to take care of her family.

Palin may be a “bright, attractive, impressive person,” but...“is she prepared for the all-consuming nature of the job?”

Of course not.
“Her first priority has to be her children,” Quinn wrote. “When the phone rings at 3 in the morning and one of her children is really sick what choice will she make?”
All well and good except the howler doesn't remember Quinn condemning Edwards when he continued to run for the roses after Elizabeth's cancer came back. Most in the media, as Politico reminds us, "praised [Edwards] for his perseverance" and didn't worry too much about any "misplaced priorities."

Oh, ye of double standard...

These people make me ill. Their obvious conclusion is that a father shouldn't give two sh*ts about his kids against his job.

I'll give them a clue - women have always worked. Even women who had leisure time had it because other women were cleaning her house and watching her kids, while going childless themselves or leaving their own kids to the care of extended family or to learn to fend on their own.

What they hate is that women now want the jobs with the power, money and prestige, and the "liberal" Blogger Boyz can't stand that any more than their winger counterparts.
Exactly! They could go after her political views and policies all day as being vastly different than the dems but instead they go afer her kids and looks and call it journalism! Frauds all of them!

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