Friday, September 26, 2008

PUMAs Not Welcome

So sayeth Jeralyn of Talk Left; and nope, no link.

Repugs are always welcome...let's make that distinction clearly, she writes.

Hell, No Quarter has more traffic and better insight, anyway. And even when PUMAs were welcome, we were always scolded like little children and told to toe the line and behave; that is, worship at the altar of The Chosen One and join the fun and games designed to make us laugh.

But all that conjuring up and guessing as to when Sarah would disappear soon grew old. After all, how wrong could one person be, everyone but Jeralyn knew the Palin pick by McCain was a stroke of genius.

Palin has not dropped out and is doing quite well: packing rallies for McCain just like Obama used to do way back in the day when everyone loved him except those who didn't.

I think I've missed a blogspheric kerfuffle. Or something.
Big Tent Dickhead gets on my nerves. Jeralyn did jump the shark sadly. I still think she's a nice lady and she did give us Clinton supporters a place during the primaries.

But I would be lying if I said I wasn't SUPER disappointed that TL has gone the way it has. TL had some AMAZING commenters.
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