Monday, September 01, 2008

Obama Condemns Rumors

The Associated Press via Washington Post informs readers that Obama has "condemn[ed] campaign rumors involving the children" of Gov. Sarah Paley. From here on out, Obama "will fire any campaign worker that violates his rule."

A mighty gallant gesture coming from the gentle lad from Illinois. And perfectly illustrates why Hillary supporters are still a tad pissed off at the Democratic presidential nominee. He could've easily made the same courtly gesture when Clyburn, Olby, Shuster, Matthews, the blogger boyzz and the rest of the gamy gang were busy calling Hillary and Bill racists and demonizing them and everything they had done for their country.

Yes, by his silence, Obama gave comfort to the atrocious lies.

Hmmm, come to think about it, perhaps a good apology directed at Hillary supporters might go a long way to truly reconciling the party instead of the sham theatre in Denver that nobody bought.

Update: McCain bitch slaps the media via New York Times.
Asked if Ms. Palin would be able to juggle the demands of the vice presidency with her complicated family life, Mr. Schmidt said, “She’s been a very effective governor and again I can’t imagine that question being asked of a man.”

Obama always denounces the smearfests

Several days after they start, and the damage has been done.

But he never calls anyone out for them either.
My bad -- you're right. It's never his fault. An overly zealous campaign volunteer or something'.

Nevertheless, I can't recall such a strong, prompt condemnation. Guess he realizes WOMEN are watching and listening...
This is such an idiotic discussion, as usual. Hillary Clinton milked the role of women all throughout the campaign, which was pretty dumb considering millions of them voted for Obama. Instead of blaming her loss on HER faults and missteps, she blames MSNBC and CNN. Cry me a river. She was the one who was so "tough", yet become so desperate at the end of her run that she started using racial code appeals to the "white women" she loved so much. Even Peggy Noonan, a conservative, called her out on this. Clinton is no saint in this matter.

Are you going to say anything about Clinton standing by while countless smear after smear was handed to Obama, ranging from his religion to his birthplace to his racial background? She even said that Obama wasn't a Muslim, as far as SHE knew. How disgusting. She wanted to portray Obama as an "other", and it blew up in her face. Countless people have made racist comments towards Obama and his family, including many conservative media heads, yet all the Clinton supporters ever cry about is sexism. Even on some of the PUMA sites, racism is CLEARLY expressed through the hateful comments ranging from Obama's kisses to his wife. They don't even have one shred of grounds to call out DailyKos and MoveOn for any perceived "bias".

Many African-American voters, who have been more loyal to the Democratic party than any other group, were offended at Geraldine Ferraro's comments about Obama. Evidently, if you're not white and you run for president, you're running because of your race. So much for a free and open democratic process. When a woman runs, however, her time has come, and damn anyone who steps in her way!

Carrying water for these folks is so cowardly and not what a real leader would do. That's why most Democrats don't find people like you credible. You can't keep your head out of Hillary Clinton's butt enough to actually see anything else. I guess that's why you couldn't see her loss coming?

I know it may be hard to believe, but the good old USA will be just fine with or without Hillary Clinton in the limelight. The future belongs to the citizens of this country, not her ego and certainly not your demented logic of what constitutes an "atrocious lie".
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