Friday, September 05, 2008

More Bad Polling News

This time from CBS. And it's still early September, boys and girls.

Yes, we can. Lose, that is. And we will. All because we refused to listen to the will of the people as registered in votes -- not caucuses -- during the primaries.

November is starting to look more and more like Sugar writes: "Unless we find out that Governor Palin and her husband have a crack cocaine operation in the basement of their Alaska home, John McCain and Sarah Palin are going to win this thing hands down."

H/T Without Party.

Let's look at this way: Obama victory would be a much worse outcome for the Democratic Party, long-term, than McCain win. Obama is simply unqualified for the job, both intellectually and temperamentally. I have much more trust in McCain and Palin to do the right thing when the chips are down. So, the fact the polls look bad for Obama does not make for bad news, in my view.
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