Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Hopeful...

Ever the optimistic clown, McCain is hopeful that he can throw under the bus his stupid political stunt from yesterday that backfired louder than freckled-faced Bozo the Clown's old jalopy.

Yep, you guess it, McCain is re-thinking his debate strategy and throwing the whole idea under the bus. The Swamp reports that McCain is now open to the idea of showing up -- meaning he'll be there with trumpets and horns.

You may surmise the idea of 100 million viewers tuning in to watch the debates only to see an empty chair with Obama holding court all by his lonesome lost some of its appeal in 24 hours.
McCain, asked, as a betting man, if he expects to appear at Friday night's debate, said in an appearance on the NBC Evening News: "I am a betting man.. I'd like to say that I'm very hopeful, I'm very hopeful that we'll get enough of an agreement tomorrow that we'll be able to make this debate.''
Obama wisely refused to play along and insisted the debate move forward.

Hmmm, can't wait to see how McCain spins this tomorrow. Meanwhile in the real world, folks gotta wonder if they want to see another president filled with arrogant certitude and a gambling spirit in the White House. Not much of a choice for voters: Either gun-ho John or janus-faced, messianic Obama.

Update: Either McCain is short of $$$ or he's dumber than we thought. The Swamp reports that he released some ad time and guess who scooped it all up...?

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