Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Gimmick

Howling Latina has to call it as she sees it and this latest bit of news about McCain skipping the Friday debate unless a bail-out deal is inked in Congress sounds more than a bit self-serving, contrived and awfully stupid to boot.

Self-serving in the sense that McCain's poll numbers have been plunging; and even though the debate was supposed to be on foreign policy, presidential candidates were bound to have to answer a question or two on the subject of the latest Wall Street debacle. As most can surmise, McCain hasn't exactly lit the Jeopardy board with his economic message during the last couple of weeks.

Contrived in the manner that calling the debates off with his polls in the toilet is oh, just so convenient that practically every person in the universe sees it for what it is: a devised distraction to take away the focus from his half-baked banal answers to the momentous financial meltdown.

For stupid, please refer to self-serving and contrived as explicated above.

Update: H/L has a bullshit meter that usually pays off dividends. Talk Left reports that McCain is still planning to attend the "Global Initiative in New York on Thursday" but is way, way too preoccupied to attend the Friday debate at the University of Mississippi.

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