Monday, September 01, 2008

Kick-Ass Post

To be or not to be, that "was" the question.

It's too late. The Dems chose Barack over Hillary with the full-throttle aid of identity politics.

Well, Cannonfire lets loose with a powerful post, which the howler is not only linking to but giving you his most potent point from her perspective, of course.
The Obots made a big mistake -- bigger than they could have guessed -- when they made this election about identity politics. To put the matter crudely, there are more women than African Americans in this country. The Democratic party has taken both groups for granted for too long. Now they may lose one -- the larger one.
Yes indeedy. How they sneered and laughed at those bitter femenistas who really had nowhere else to go until...

Enter Sarah Polin; and the rest as they say will be HISTORY! It's not personal, Obama; it's the new change agenda, we're sure you don't mind if we borrow your catchword.

The media had it right; just not the way you, Michelle, Nancy, Donna and Howard envisioned. Like it or not, get used to it.

Interesting that the first three items on The New Change Agenda are paid maternity leave, fair pay for women, and universal healthcare, all of which McCain opposes.

As for Sarah Palin, if she's really the sensible moderate that you think she is, then why is the religious right so in love with her? One of you has got to be wrong about her.
Sarah Palin is a right-wing conservative who doesn't support a woman's right to choose, who supports abstinence-only sex education, who advocates for teaching creationism in public school science classes, who supports drilling in ANWR, and who has such a limited record of public service it's really hard to place her any other issues. Her personal story demonstrates that she probably won't be a big friend to gun control. Yes, she took on the party apparatus and tried to clean up some of the ethical mess in the Alaska Republican Party, but she's run into her own problems with using the power of the office for personal benefit.

I am not a woman, but I would hope that those who supported Hillary Clinton did so because Hillary Clinton represented a progressive, feminist voice. To replace that voice with Sarah Palin's seems to me to betray the very foundation of Hillary Clinton's historic run and undermines the very premise that gender should not be an issue--the value of one's beliefs and ability to to do the job is what we should value. To suggest that Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton are interchangeable only seems to foster the notion that female voters are easily manipulated and can't see beyond two X chromosomes to recognize that Sarah Palin's and Hillary Clinton's political agendas seem in many ways to be diametrically opposed.
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